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Thread: What trout rods do you own?

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    No, whats that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Saloon 2000 View Post
    Have you tried the iOS
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    No, whats that?
    he must be in IT :P

    I have an Xplorer Classic 2 3wt with the Launch reel and Rio Mainstream line, as of 2 weeks ago. Fished it once and absolutely love casting (sorry, new to fly fishing).

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    this is the most intimidating and emasculating thread on any fishing site EVER!!! i actually feel myself shrink a little down there after every new post.
    i feel like i am reading a discussion on space flight, and i am wondering what the hell they talking about? the earth is FLAT dammit!!!
    i have been fishing with a sage sp for the last 15 years, and an orvis silver label for the last 13, and will fish them for the next ten odd years
    (when they will inevitably break the day after the guarantee expires) then i will start looking around for a new rod, that is, if there is anything left to catch.

    i suppose it is like driving in my landy, next to all the ferraris and porches, doing 120, cos that is the speed limit.......
    catch and release

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    My current set ups are as follows:
    9wt 9ft Stealth Magnum + 7/10
    7wt 9ft Kingfisher 8/10
    5wt 9ft CD XLS 8/10
    5wt 8'6 CD Downunder 9/10
    5wt 10ft Redington Voyant 8/10
    5wt Xplorer T50 9/10
    2wt Xplorer T50 8/10

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