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Thread: Graphite through the ages for fly rods...

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    Default Graphite through the ages for fly rods...

    Im interested in the evolution of graphite used for fly rods from when it was first used in the 80's(i may be wrong here).
    Can anyone give me technical info from that 80's graphite to where we are today eg loomis nrx graphite,sage konnetic,hardy zenith sintrix etc.?

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    Interesting... I think graphite is a misleading term. Although graphite is a form of cargon, I think it is mistakenly use interchangeably in discussion where the term, carbon fible should be used. Graphite is a brittle carbon based compound, such as pencil lead , and will not bend and flex as is tequired of a fly rod. Carbon fibre is what is used for fly rods, which is a cloth made out of thousands of woven strands of carbon threads. In terms of the different grades and degrees of the cloth used by the manufacturers, I doubt that you are going to get much info, as its probably a closely guarded secret. Re Sages Konetic technology, I suspect it might be in the specific weave of the cloth, as well as manufacturing techniques., where it allows for much lighter thinner, and more flexible rods to be built with a raw materiel that has been developed to suit the process. Good luck with this.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    Andre,by "graphite" i meant carbon fibre.Im curious about how things have changed...


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