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He lifted the rod above his head and then tried lifting the fish. The result? He popped the rod on one of the mid sections. He stood there in disbelieve, now if he took that rod to his left or right and pulled hard sideways, he would have landed that fish without breaking the rod
It's all about the angle. In those clips they do something which one should never do, which is to fold a rod in half, the closer the angle becomes to a right angle or an acute angle, the more likely you are to break the rod. The harder you need to make the rod work the more obtuse you should keep the angle and let the line do the work.

I always cringe when I see guys fighting fish and they use the non rod holding hand to grip the rod on the blank, think what impact that has on the change in angle of the remainder 'shortened' rod and where you are exerting power from suddenly has a lot less graphite...