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Thread: Making Eyes for Shrimp, Prawn and Crab

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    Default Making Eyes for Shrimp, Prawn and Crab

    Instead of buying ready made eyes for shrimp, prawn or crabs - rather make your own in more colours than available in any fly shop. You can make hundreds of these for a few Rand. You will need monofilament line of anywhere between 10 to 50 pound, small glass beads in a colour of your choice, a candle, Prestic and clear nail varnish. The OD of the monfilament must be sufficient to go through the bead.

    Cut as many pieces of monofilament pieces as required, one for every eye you want to make - 50 mm should be ample. It is best to cut oversize and then to trim to the desired size later when tying your fly. Light the candle and heat up the one end of the cut line until it just starts forming a tiny molten bead. Immediately press the heated end onto a cold surface so that a flange is formed - see fist photo. Once cold, slide your coloured glass bead onto the monfilament until it reaches the flange - see 2 nd photo. Finally, dip the bead into clear nail varnish and stick into the Prestic to dry. If you do not like the clear monofilament, you can used coloured ones or even use a permanent marker to colour the clear line. The end result - beautiful eyes and damn cheap.

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    yet another good (and cheap) tip
    thanks Wiets
    the patient mental...

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    P.s when burning eyes I have found floro to burn better and produce a bigger blob.

    I like the glass bead, but would rather dip it in epoxy.

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