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Thread: Filmmaker from US in Cape Town this weekend

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    Default Filmmaker from US in Cape Town this weekend


    My name is Nick Clement and I am a filmmaker from Denver, Colorado USA. I wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone has any suggestions for me as I will be arriving in Cape Town this Friday (March 28th, 2014). I was in South Africa in 2006 as a student and was blown away by the beauty of the country and the immense fishing possibilities. I fished with James Warne out of Cape Town, and Sudesh Pursad out of Johannesburg (both were awesome trips and fantastic people) Here is a short trailer from that trip:

    This time around I am here as the Videographer for Semester at Sea and unfortunately, I heard James is not guiding anymore and I won't have time to make it back up to Johannesburg to fish with Sudesh. On the bright side, I do have two days set aside this weekend to hopefully get some fly-fishing in.

    Are there any guides or fly-shops out there that are interested in filming some saltwater fishing to help promote their service or shop?

    If not, can anyone recommend a reputable guide to hire for some saltwater fishing? I am not solely interested in saltwater fly-fishing but more so targeting specific species I can't catch in Colorado. I understand most of the Tigerfish and Yellowfish rivers are up north. Unfortunately, I won't have time to venture that far.

    Are there any native freshwater species that would be interesting to catch and film near Cape Town?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Maybe give John yelland at upstream flyfishing or Craig at Stream-x a call to get info on guides etc.I do believe John Yelland is a saltwater guide.
    As for freshwater,there are the clanwilliam yellows that could make for some good fishing,but it is still a drive from cape town.
    Pity you not coming a bit north,could put you into some catfish on the fly (shhhh,most people think its not worth the effort catching such an ugly fish on fly)
    Hope you have a blast

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    Hopefully some of the Cape Town boys will reply but I know they venture out offshore for Tuna from time to time and also target Yellowtail or you could target sandshark on fly (Big Jim is the expert here). I am sure there may be some more interesting ideas on saltwater. Maybe grunter...

    As for the fresh stuff, targeting Clanwilliam Yellowfish would be high on the list. Even most SA flyfishers have never caught one of these as their distribution is limited to only a relatively small geographic area and a handful of rivers.

    You could try the guys at
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    I can maybe help you with the fresh water.
    I might be taking someone over the weekend, perhaps you can come along, but will only know tomorrow.
    PM me your email, will elaborate
    Korrie Broos

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    Korrie you could show off some of your streamer tactics?
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    ... or demonstrate the proper application and presentation of crab patterns.
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    Hi Nick,

    Nice to hear you are heading back to our lovely part of the world!
    Gotta say when I read your name I did a double take as there is a UK based fashion and advertising photographer and Short film maker, quite a famous one, named Nick Clements... I own a production company based here in Cape Town and so of course know of Nick very well, and was surprised to see he's a flyfisherman!! :-)

    If you looking at Saltwater, and you have a limited time, I would look at trying to get offshore at the moment... Yellowtail, Snoek ( a local barracuda cross mackerel cross snake eel type thing ) and possibly yellowfin tuna and Longfin tuna being your main targets... there are not too many folks getting out there regularly to target these fish offshore, as conditions can make it very tough for the fly rodder, but perhaps speak to Dave Christie from Two Ocean Sportfishing ( ) as he regularly targets Yellowfin and Longfin on fly for himself and his charters, as well as yellowtail and SNoek etc...

    The boys above have helped you out on the freshwater side of things, which, if weather restricts you, can give you some great options... despite the fact that in CO you are surrounded by Trout water, world class trout water, our streams here can offer you something very different I think, and perhaps unexpected... especially if you trek hop to beats 3, 4 and 5 of the Elandspad...

    Good luck with it...

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    This gives quite a good idea of predicted weather off the Cape Point for the next few days.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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