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Thread: Olympic 2185 (8.5ft) Glass Fibre Rod - Weight Class

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    Default Olympic 2185 (8.5ft) Glass Fibre Rod - Weight Class

    Good Day,

    I have been searching all over the internet looking for info on this rod. I recieved it as a gift this morning from my manager after I have been telling him about the come back of glass. The Rod is in the more than 25years old as thats the length of time it was in his posession when he bought it 2nd hand.

    I understand from reading another forum that Olympic made knock-offs of Hardy at the time and are not very sought after these days as a collectors item, something that doesn't bother me in the least as I just want something fun to cast a dry

    I am basically trying to get an indication of weight class for this rod before I kit it out. The sticker on the rod doesn't give this info.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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