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Thread: Beads and/or flash for trout - attraction or distraction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yella View Post
    I fished the mooi two days ago and now I think of it all our fish was caught on gold bead flies and none on the beadless flies. So much for that theory of mine then. I guess fishing pressure and competition for food has a lot to do with it.
    it could be that the beaded flies where in the feeding zone, and the unbeaded flies to high in the water column for the fish to feed on it?
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    My overall (you will always have exceptions) experience is that too much flash or other triggers can put fish off, especially in pressured catch and release waters and in particular with larger fish. I often fish flash and triggers like a dry fly/nymph, start off subtle (drag free) and slowly increase the bling and triggers (impart movement in the case of a dry fly or nymph). A darker bead with a bright tag, or collar is more subtle than a brightly coloured bead. If you are subtle to begin with, you will often get a second chance ...
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