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Thread: Boegoeberg dam yellowfish northen cape

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    Question Boegoeberg dam yellowfish northen cape

    Hi this is BENCHWARMER<*)))))<

    I'm going to the boegoeberg dam,there is a campsite just next to the the dam wall and i i'm going to take my 4/5# rod for smallmouth and a 7/8# rod for the big largemouth yellows. Im totally new to yellowfish flyfishing. Could you 'fellow yellow flyfishers' help me out on this location because i don't know the place at all. tips and methods appreciated!!!!!!

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    I would suggest you fish the section below the dam wall, in the river.
    Look for the rapids, with the normal weighted nymphs.
    Seeing that you are new, have some split shot with you, to make sure you get down. to the bottom of the river bed.
    Not sure what the flows will be when you are there, be careful if it is high.
    You can check the Richtersveld threads etc, basically the same type of flies.
    You might want to try some dry and dropper setups as well, in the slowflowing areas.
    Watch for the hour round sunrise and the half hour before sunset for good dry fly action.
    Korrie Broos

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    Thanks alot!

    I just want to know if this is a nice spot for beginners or is it a tough place to fish. Recommended flies?

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    Hi. How was the Fishing at Boegoeberg?


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