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    Default Hello everyone

    Hi Guys

    Finally joined the forum after popping in occasionally to catch up with the stories and tips.

    My main reason for joining the forum is to try widen my search for good fly fishing waters. I have largely fished friends' farms in and around the Drakensberg area; namely Bergville, Nottingham Road and Underberg. However, my passion for fly fishing is driving a more proactive approach to finding fishing spots and not hanging around waiting for invites ;-)

    Living in Joburg, I am desperate for some good spots we can get away to for a weekend, most likely in the Mpumalanga area which is +- 3 hours drive. The catch, no pun intended, is I am not a big fan of hatchery-stocked dams as I love the fight and battles with wild trout. It seems the easier the venue is to find online, the worse, or more stocked, the fishing. As an intro, here is a nice wild rainbow I caught last September outside Notties on a friend's farm. Legend fish ;-)


    PLEASE, if anyone knows of good spots that exclusively stock fingerlings and not the standard 1-2lbs hatchery fish, and aren't over-fished to death, please let me know some recommendations!

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to being a part of the forum!

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    First and foremost WELCOME to Flytalk forums.

    From your post it appears that you are an avid TROOT man.

    I unfortunately can give you no help for troot. However seeing you are in Joburg I will always be available if you want to try your hand at some SM yellows on the Vaal.

    Now that winter is setting in, your days on the Vaal will be more blank than catch, but hey, winter on the Vaal is a magical experience, as well as one moer of a challenge. That's why we do it.
    It's not in the catching, it's in the learning something new.
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