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    on my last few trips to the nffc waters in the kamberg area, i noticed a large piece of water on the left hand side of the road between rosetta and kamberg (heading towards kamberg)
    used my office fishing tool (google) and found this.....

    looks like an awesome piece of water. will take a few pics next time i go past.
    just wondering if anybody has any info available regarding fishing.

    i have stumbled upon some info on other sites that suggest that some trout has been stocked.
    i would think this will make a perfect yellowfish water. another sterkies, but closer to durban
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    Mearns Wier which is down stream from this is full of largemouth bass and weeds, hope this pleace does not follow the same fate..
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    Looks interesting! I just joined NFFC yesterday as decided too long have I not thrown a fly for a trots! Some really nice looking waters and been doing some G'earthing to understand locations a little more. Very excited since so close to Durbs!

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    spring grove is a brand new dam, since its on the mooi it will have scalies, small mouth bass & brown trout.

    most new dams go though fishing boom due to the amount of nutrients available. If SG follows this pattern we can expect some pretty big trout from that water over the next 2 or three years

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    Went past on Sunday on the way to kamberg. Took some pics. Trying to load from I pad, so let's see

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    Not sure if anyone will read this but the venue is still not open to the public.
    I have fished it and can say it has a heap of species but the Large mouth bass are starting to dominate. Trout are in there and I have seen them caught (Bows and Browns), as well as small mouth bass and yellows.


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