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Thread: Loop Knots to Flies for Trout

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    Default Loop Knots to Flies for Trout

    Hi all,

    Spend some time fishing with an elderly gentlemen, and I noticed that he was only using loop knots for his terminal.

    From my understanding a loop knot to a fly allows the fly more free movement in the water, my question is, is it advantages to use loop knots for flies like Streamers, Nymphs and Wet Flies? and what would be the implications of using a loop knot for Dry Flies?

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    I only use a Lefty's loop knot for streamers,etc. For dries you might need something else like a Davy knot there is a video on this site.
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    I always use a loop knot (non-slip mono loop) for streamers. For nymphs I will use a Davy knot on 6X or 7X as I don't believe that tippet this thin restricts movement. If I am expecting larger fish in rivers or stillwaters with 5X or stronger, I will use a non-slip mono loop. Same applies to dries, thicker tippet I will use a loop otherwise a Davy.
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