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    Hi Guys

    This may be a daft question but I haven't spent much time on the water to know this yet.
    I stay in Benoni and travel past 2 dams everyday on the highway. When the surface is smooth I see 10 - 20 surface rings from the highway so there's always action going on.

    So the daft question is:

    Can you determine what's surfacing? i.e. Carp, Barbel or Bass and other species for other still waters.
    If so how? do some slurp vs swirl etc.
    Is it simply by colour if you see something rise, but invariably you're looking the other way when it happens!!
    The reason I ask is surely the setup and fly will be different depending on the species?
    Or is it just a case of throw a fly that floats and Surprise!?


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    Hi Grant,

    Chances are, since you are in Gauteng, that it is carp that you see. Barbel usually swims around and surface opening their mouth's gobbling up what ever is on the surface. That does not mean that is all that you have to go for. Unless you want to target carp. Chances are that there will be bass in those waters as well. If you do target carp be sure to have the right gear. Carp grow very large and you can easily hook one of 10 kg's or more especially in winter time.

    This is what you can look forward to targeting carp in winter:
    2013-04-29 13.24.03.jpg

    Caught this one and about 15 like it recently at a place near town called "The Pan". Primarily a carp venue similar to those you have in Gauteng.

    2013-04-29 11.31.21.jpg
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