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    Default personalized decals

    looked at the beautiful work that koos did on the custom rods....
    i have a few rods, fly and surf, that i want to redo. nothing too serious, maybe just a clean, and fitting some decals.
    did a search on the site, but didnt come up with anything.
    what is the best way to make your own personalized decals (silver or white on clear)?

    or is it better to get a printing co to do it for you?
    catch and release

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    Depends on the colour of the blank.
    I do my own decals.
    I mainly do them in White, Metallic Silver, Chrome Silver, Metallic Gold and Chrome Gold on clear.
    It really boils down to what the colour of the blank is.
    These days I prefer White and Metallic Silver.

    I have stepped away from putting a client's name on the rod.
    I lazer etch engrave that onto the endcap of the rod tube.
    Why? Well if the guy wants to sell the rod later, then the new owner can simply sand the engraving off and have it redone with his own name.
    If a client insists, I will do it. Otherwise I simply stay away from it.

    When I look at a snap in a mag and I see a guy posing with a rod that has his name on it I always wonder if he doesn't know who he is? Or does he have a sticker on the door of his vehicle too that says climb in here? Don't get me wrong I make stickers/signs for a living, but I just think about these things sometimes.

    Do I do racing stripes or carbon fibre vinyl bonnets on cars?
    Someone once asked me and I told him that if I did it for him, he is going to tell his friend and that friend is going to tell his friend that has watched Fast and The Furious Reruns on E-Tv way too many times and sooner or later I will end up wasting time on things that is really not worth the effort. He did not like it, but deep down he knows that he want that sticker on the back that say.....Citrus Conversion with the Orange on the antenna and the fur on his dash.

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    thanks for the prompt reply koos. dont worry, no names or racing stripes. not my style.
    that will be like putting low profiles on my landy.:biggrin:
    i was thinking just a small personal decal, and then obviously line ratings, and on the surf rods, weight or even just to have them numbered.
    the question is just how? one overseas site said an inkjet printer on clear label stickers....just looking for the most productive way.
    want it to look at least half decent though.

    mostly black and dark brown blanks, so will probably be plain white. nothing too flashy.
    catch and release

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    I have sent you a PM.

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    this is what makes this site great.
    members willing to help someone they never even met.
    thanks koos.
    catch and release


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