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Thread: So who is going fishing this weekend?

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    Somewhere along the line things have got crossed ;-) Tom has never met my Dad or fished with him for that matter. My Dad taught me to fly fish 40 odd years ago which makes him legendary imho. Last time my Dad fished with me was a year or two ago at a stillwater in Franschhoek. He is nearly 80 and with a couple of medical issues, its unlikely he will fish again. With a bit of luck Tom will be joining us on our annual trip to Highland Lodge in August.
    Goodness me, my mistake. I'm a very confused chap hahaha. I got mixed up between you and your dad, I figured..(without checking your profile) that your dad was that means that I may have met you ages ago when I was much younger. I wasn't aware that you had never fished the Dargle dams that Tom always refers to in his books. I feel like a heel right apologies. And, it would be an absolute pleasure to show you to some of the more legendary dams in the Dargle.
    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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    I'm fishing in the Boston Fly Fishing Festival ( Very close to the Dargle area. In fact I think some of the Dargle waters may be in the comp. Always an awesome event.
    Warren, I am truly envious.... those are some good looking waters there hey. I would pack a lot of very warm clothing 'cos it has been cold here lately, and maybe a substantial amount of liquid warmth If I wasn't working this weekend I would definitely pop up to see the festivities...heck, on the back road Boston is about 30 k's from my place. If you need an extra angler in your team for next year, maybe I could be of some assistance..(or lack thereof haha) I will always provide a laugh or 2 usually involving me falling in the dam...and the occasional fish.

    Best wishes to you and your team in your defending the title !

    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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    Cheers everybody, off for a long weekend of fishing, high up in the mountains,
    Korrie Broos

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    Enjoy Korrie. Tight lines!

    Check out some of my FF pics -

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