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Thread: Howzit all

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    Default Howzit all


    I'm Bruce from pietermaritzburg.
    Was lucky to grow up in winterton.
    I've been flyfishing since I was 12ish.
    Since moving to pmb I've kind of stopped fishing due to time constraints and work.

    I got given a stealth 8034 as a gift and am keen to hit the rivers again.

    It just needs line and is ready to go.


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    Default Howzit all

    G'day Bruce...

    (Think the Fish Eaters Anonymous scene in Finding Nemo...)

    Welcome to the forum.

    I spent a little bit of time in PMB last year and wen't to do Carkloof the one day, what struck me was the large volumes of water close by such as Midmar and that other dam that is so well known for it's Bass, I forget the name.

    Are there readily accessible streams near PMB? Do you find Troot or Scaly?
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    G'day mate,

    Midmar and Albert falls are very big off you don't have a boat, but it's still a good day out.

    Not too much fishing in the pmb area that I know of.
    My still live in winterton so I have access to rivers with scaly.
    Trout wise, I'd have to travel to the Midlands or underberg.

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    The trout streams near PMB are thin pickings...but Scaly are a plenty. The lower sections of the Duzi, yes the Duzi...are pretty good for scaly, bass, tilapia. Out towards Richmond is the Unkomaas which is known to be one of the best scaly rivers in KZN. And if you head out towards Greytown, the Umgeni section below Howick is also very good for scaly. This time of the year been this cold, fishing for anything is a bit on the tricky and frustrating side. September is hitting prime time. Hope I've helped.

    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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    Thanks Matt, my Mrs, just reminded me her mate has a trout dam on their farm and an unfinished river. We are now best friends.
    Thanks for all the leads. I love river fishing. I'm pretty keen to get out in the spring.

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    No problem....hey if you ever need company to that water you're talking about, please don't hesitate to give me a shout. May I ask where about the stream is, I live in the area and have done loads of fishing on pretty much all stream/rivers in the midlands....dunno maybe I could give you some feedback on fishing quality etc?

    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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    That would be pretty cool.
    I meant UN fished. I can't read properly as I have cracked my screen.
    The stream is on the D369 just outside of howick. It's near the dam I mentioned. Have you ever fished in sterkfontein for scalies?



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    The river is more than likely the Lions River. It has a pretty good population of scalies, bass...not sure about trout tho. I haven't caught trout there before, only scaly. But, there are a lot of midlands meander places that do chuck trout in the river to stock it so you never know. A short drive from there is the upper umgeni which has lakka wild trout, bugger is that you just have to find a farmer willing to oblige to allow you onto their farm. Sight fishing for scalies on Sterkies is something that I would love to do one day, I believe it is flippin exciting stuff. As far as where to stay or fish (its a massive dam) is something I'm sure that one of the guys on the forum could help with. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with....or at least try hahaha.


    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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    Tourette fishing has a cool video I saw at a presentation on fishing in Sterkfontein.
    I must look at a map and pull in contacts.
    I'll organise for the farm dam and lions river. I'll send you a pm when we going.

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    Nice one bud....if you ever want to get onto some flippin amazing rivers or dams around the Midlands, drop me a line. Luckily for me my wife allows me loads of fishing time so I'm always a keen starter. I'm busy prospecting some of the local rivers in my area that are believed to hold scaly and trout...exciting stuff. I really enjoy trying my luck on small mythical streams/rivers, cos when its fish on time there is for me, a great sense of achievement.
    Scaly fishing is so great, if you get the right day, location and alive, by the end of the day you'll be properly satisfied. I fish the Umkomaas quite often and when its on, well, its brilliant. Those buggers can fight hey, and in my opinion, can be more difficult to bring to hand than a wily brown on occasion.
    A man who lies to his own fishing diary is capable of anything and I usually like to think I have some limits.

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