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Thread: Sage Salt

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    Default Neil suggested, the rod still has its warranty, so its worth giving the local agents the opportunity to look at it. I'm pretty sure that you going to be able to have a good shout at a replacement rod. You have nothing to lose.
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    Hi Andre. That's just the thing, and I did mention this before. When I noticed the blistering I should have packed the rod and shipped it off like that, but a thumbnail test started flaking the coating. I then proceeded to strip the rest of the tip section with steel wool. My thinking was that I would send in the butt section as evidence of the blistering. After emailing Sage, they said I must send back the butt and tip sections. After mentioning this to some of you guys, I was told that I would probably forfeit my warranty because I had now tampered with the tip section. I am not prepared to go through a R1000 exercise to possibly be told exactly that. If I had the guarantee that Sage will replace the rod regardless then I will gladly spend the grand.
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    Ok thanks guys. I will speak to the guys at Mavungana in Dullies. Will be very happy if Sage still honour the warranty. Will give you guys feedback.
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