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Thread: Foam sheets

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkieser View Post
    Ah nice! Apologies for sidetracking the thread but how is the construction of it? Does it look solid?
    The silicone pad looks great. At first it seemed a little thin, but I slipped in a larger fly and it's not going anywhere. Nice and tight.

    (Warning: totally non-relevant info) It smells terrific when you open it. Cannot put my finger on it, but smells like something that's supposed to bring back good childhood memories :-) some sort of sweet or something. Mmmmh

    Construction looks good. Looks like good strong materials are used. Feels solid.

    (Second Warning:Nitpicking) One thing I think would have improved the box would have been a little lip on the edge of the lid that locks it into place on the base. As it is, the edges of the base and the lid are flat against each other, so if you twist the box there's a bit of play and that puts a lot of pressure on the hinge of the box. I'm just imagining a situation where there is a bit of strain, box twists a bit and the hinges break. I don't think I'm ready to step on this box, but it's well made and certainly strong enough for it's intended purpose.

    Hope that helps. Is there anyone in SA who is bringing them in? Just wondering how the price compares to other boxes. I backed the project for a box and a buff, and that was about R250. Since a buff costs over R300 at Due South I figured it's a good deal.

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    Last time I checked they are selling them for $25 so not too expensive. They won best new fly box at IFTD recently so that's quite a thing I guess. I have seen them for sale on js fly fishing online site.
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