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Thread: Hello from Croatia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korrie View Post
    When is the best time to visit?
    The Cape's best time, is the whole year, you are any time welcome.
    If you come to Croatia to fish on a fly, I suppose you will visit Gacka, which is in a way a Holly Grail of trout fishing.
    Gacka is well known in Europe and the rest of the world for big native brown, and rainbow trout. Climate and position of the river allow abundance of natural food for the fish and they grow fast and big.
    Season on Gacka lasts from 1st of March untill 30th of September. So, not much time to do it this year.

    I'm embarrassed to admit it - I have never fished Gacka. I've seen the river many times, but since I only recently started fly fishing, stars still haven't aligned for me to go there.

    Here is a photo two days ago:

    Here is a nice blog piece from Mr.Vladan Milenković. He went there this season, and also happens to build frighteneningly beautiful glass rods.

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