Ok, tried the classified route on this site. Way too complicated. Philip, I will slip you a few bucks if these rods move on here. I'm good for it. Mods, go away and hassle Werner or Andre.

So, somebody planted a seed in my head that I needed a Sage Salt for a little trip to Alphonse I've got coming up.

Trouble is I've got all the Sage's I need. But, it's like a new car or girlfriend, ek juk 'n bietjie.

So, for the discerning buyer, I offer the following:

1. Sage Xi-2 9wt - excellent condition - only caught a few bones. R 3000.00
2. Sage Xi-2 10wt - not as excellent as the 9 wt but good nonetheless, has caught a couple of Milks. R 2500.00

R 5000.00 secures both.

Collect at my house or get your buddy to fetch and ship to parts unknown.