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Thread: waders - care and repairs

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    You can buy nikwax at places like Due South and CapeUnionMart
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    Good day MODS, is there any way this thread could be made a sticky somehow?

    After purchasing a second hand pair of breathable waders and learning the hard way that they were leaking ive been on a mission to repair them DIY style. This certainly hasn't been and easy task. finding the correct products to repair breathable waders is a bit of a pain. got some loon wader repair/knot sense for pinholes and a UV light. ordered aquaseal online at R170.00 including shipping as I could not find it anywhere in cape town. I then happened to walk into Outdoor wharehouse and stumbled upon a few items that I feel could work and have subsequently bought and used and now need to get to water to test it. first off I found: Seam Sealer: a touline and isopropol alcohol mix and a handy applicator to apply to seams of tents, jackets and tarps. ive applied it generously to all my wader seams as the check i done: flashlight in wader revealed some possible seam leaks. I mention the touline as its the same stuff in aquaseal. they also stock various nikwax products to wash waders and treat to waterproof it. ive included some links to view the products:


    Seam Sealer:

    after testing I will give some feedback on the results.
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