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    From the nutter himself

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    A) white glass rod
    B) land cruiser
    C) rainbow

    Great clip!!!!
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    Point well made !

    Makes me think of something slightly different, but related. In the early 90's I lived in Newcastle, and belonged to the Newcastle Spinners & Flyfishers Club. It was an art-lure club actually. Two of my friends and I went to Chelmsford dam very regularly to fish for mainly Barbel and Carp. We always located the fish first, then we were among them, wading. When we found the carp, they were usually in about a foot of water, feeding nose down, with their tails sticking out the water. We would then wade stealthily between them, and fish for them with small black lead-heads or small white plastic grubs.

    I soon realized the fish were impervious to sound. Any irregular disturbance in the water, how-ever would send them scattering. So I would talk to my mates, in a relaxed but fairly loud and clear voice. They would cringe, and make "shhh" gestures at me. So, I told them, it makes no difference. They remostrated with me, saying it they are sure it scatters some fish and/or makes them nervous. I discovered an article about it and showed them. They started seeing the light, but still seemed doubtful. So on the next outing we resolved to test it. Now, remember, this is a dam, no running water to mask any sound. When we were among the fish, we shouted at the top of out voices. No reaction, nada, niks.

    So that settled that.
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    Ha cool vid. Wonder what KZN wildlife will do when i drive my landy up the bushmans

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