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Thread: Orange River - NEC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques O Dell View Post
    Mario where on Facebook can I see pics of those flies?
    On my timeline (Xperia Album) - my profile is public, you can just view without having to be a friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques O Dell View Post
    My question is; why would you bother with trout if you have this 25 min away...!? Where (+-) on the orange was this? Don't need a specific location, just approximate. Thanks
    The water is quite dirty, and the scenery not that great. My love for fly fishing is the connection with crystal clear water, breathtaking valleys, and the most beautiful fish on earth - the wild trout!!! That is 45min the in the other direction btw Location, 25min outside of Aliwal North
    Mario Geldenhuys
    Smallstream fanatic, plus I do some other things that I can't tell you about

    "All the tips or magical insights in the world can't replace devotion, dedication, commitment, and gumption - and there is not secret in that" - Glenn Brackett

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    Thanks Mario. Have you fished the Blyde river canyon! Yellows in crystal clear water in what must be the most scenic place in SA...

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