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Thread: Margate for a week.

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    Default Margate for a week.

    Howzit ladies and gents. I will be heading to margate for a week from next weekend and was wondering if you'se would be will to part with info. What flies work, best tackle, what spots etc. I will be taking strip basket, 8 weight 9 weight and a couple of drop shot rods. Was wondering if I should take a 5/6 weight alone. Not going to be able to travel to far from the margate area. Any advice, tip, knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi flyingbass,

    Check out uvongo lagoon/beach. A bit crowdy in the day but in the evenings we used to cath rockcod in the river/lagoon. Nice spot to throw a fly yet haven't done so yet. Then shelly beach where the boat club is (launch) area has n nice beach to throw n couple of flies.

    I would take a 8weight, some charlies, shrimp imitations and some minnow imitations and a sinking line. 5/6 would work nicely in he lagoon/estuary at uvongo.

    PS this is what I would do and have not tested it yet. Previous experience in the area was from spinning/dropshot rigs using choka as bait.

    Hope this helps

    George Victor Cooper

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    Thank for the advice GV


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