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Thread: Another "Which rod should I buy?" thread

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    Mario... you need to get over this. Never once did I say that it doesn't matter how a rod casts. You have twisted my words again to try and have some kind of sordid dig at me. I will explain it again slowly. The point I was making, that if the fishing application requires a rod to cast only a few meters, why base a rod purchase purely on something that is going to cast a full line. All rods can cast, that's a given.... So for the last time, the fishing application should dictate the casting requirements of the rod. That's what I was saying. So if you are fishing a few meters away, in a freestone stream, "it does not matter how well the rod casts a full line". That's the point...
    Andre, I've never been "on" it, so there is no need for me to get "over" it. Your post seemed contradictory to me, so I made mention of that fact. You have also now have added "casting a full fly line" as the criteria as the difference between how a rod casts vs how it fishes. Anyway, this is going to go back-and-forth again, so I will leave it at that. I take your point to heart, thanks.
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