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Nep- yeah you are right- I think that a bigger fish would be less affected by a tag as well. But I think there was an article that dealt with it (albeit very briefly) in a past tagging newsletter- I'll dig around and see what I can find.

Right you are... makes sense, bigger fish would certainly be less effected..... There has been a large movement to tag Bonefish and Tarpon as well in the Keys to try and figure out their migration patterns etc so as to make sure they are protected 365 They are using both regular tags and Pop-Up satelite tags as well..... I'll see if there is any info I can find on that...Bonefish are at least relatively small fish, so be interesting to see the info on that....Although in saying that, sea fish are generally alot tougher than their freshwater counterparts....

Be great if you can dig up that newsletter, should make for siome interesting reading.