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    Hi all

    I am new to this forum.
    I am pretty much a fishing all-rounder but not an expert in any area.
    Grew up on a farm where a lot of my time was spent fishing.
    Rock & Surf, Bass, Artlure and recently - Fly.
    Got "hooked" on fly about 2 weeks ago when fishing the Vaal for SM Yellows - first time that I didn't want to put down the flyrod...

    I am sure I will learn a lot from this forum and who knows, maybe even provide some advice in future when I am more experienced.

    Happy Fishing!

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    welcome to the site. lots to learn.
    just a timesaving tip. NEVER read past the 3rd page on any thread. by that time the handbags are out and the discussion is waaayyy of topic.
    it sometimes happens as early as page one, but the average is page 3.
    other than that, very informative
    catch and release


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