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    I finally got to give my glass 5wt a little workout last week on a local canal. I've recently moved house from Durban area to Cape Town and I'm pleased at the amount of carp on the fly opportunities compared to KZN. The 'Vlei of course has an enormous population of carp and with a bit of rain large numbers of carp had moved out of the estuary into the canal with a few barbel and springer evident.

    They didn't give themselves up easily and with a fresh SE presentation wasn't ideal. Anyway putting a fly in the vicinity of fish and slowly drawing it in got me 4 hook-ups and 3 fish in the net. What struck me about today (first fishing trip with a glass rod in 25+ years) was that casting was easy, intuitive almost. Also there was no struggle to load the rod at short range, in sharp contrast to my previous 5wt (Sage XP). Also it was a real pleasure to pull hard on fish without worrying about high-sticking or putting too much pressure on the blank when netting fish.

    I'm keen to do a Zeekoeivlei canal carp on bloodworm fly mission but apparently it's best not to do it alone. If anyone is keen to go at some stage please let me know.


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    Nice fish, looks like a good bend in the rod ... glad to see you settled down enough to get some fishing in


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