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Thread: Why do you fish competitively?

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    Then again

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm..... April Vokey, she looks stunning in photos, but you have to see her in person and the last thing on your mind would be fishing.

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    Personally I have enjoyed the competitive scene immensely, initially just for the experience and then the hunger to learn more, to compete, meet the guys etc.

    What more can you ask, fishing in a comp with many super fanatical fly fishers, talking, breathing, sleeping fly fishing.

    Fishing with Dan, Maddy, MC, Christiaan, Gary in Czech this year, two week's fishing, fly tying, learning, meeting the best fly fishers in the world - Great Experience and people!

    It takes time and effort, currently being a gilly for 2 little boys takes more time and effort

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