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Thread: Smallmouth Yellowfish Workshop with Ian Couryer 6 December 2014

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    Default Smallmouth Yellowfish Workshop with Ian Couryer 6 December 2014

    Smallmouth Yellowfish Workshop 6 December 2014

    TCFF columnist and professional fly fishing guide Ian Couryer will be presenting a Smallmouth Yellowfish Workshop on Saturday 6 December 2014 at Eendekuil on the Vaal River.

    If you have been struggling with your river yellowfish fishing and/or are new to the game and want to set off with the right information and practical knowledge then this short course is for you. The day starts at 10am sharp Saturday Morning at Eendekuil on the river.

    • Lecture on the general aspects of yellow fishing, tackle, leaders, rigs, knots,
    Fishing techniques, pros and cons of various methods.
    • Best flies for the Vaal, seasons, water levels, clarities, insects, reading the water.
    • Indicators/weight, when, where and how of fishing.
    • Czech/Euro nymphing, dry fly.
    • Proper catch and release techniques, river etiquette, how to identify spawning areas/fish

    Light lunch and drinks 12.00 pm to 12.45.

    • Practical on the water demonstrations and walk round as a group.
    • Fishing practical where participants will fish and be helped by guide.
    • Finishes at 3pm, participants are welcome to continue fishing till 6pm.

    Who should attend?

    Any beginner to intermediate Yellowfish anglers who need expert advice/information and practical help on all aspects of fly fishing for smallmouth yellowfish.

    What should you bring?

    Please bring your fishing tackle: Rod( 9’or 10’,5wt,) reel, floating line, Split shot. Breathable Waders ( if you own a pair), wading boots. (If no wading boots then running shoes with socks.) Wading staff/stick. Hat/cap, sun tan cream, rain jacket, change of clothes.

    When? /Where?

    10 am, Saturday 6 Decemebr 2014, Eendekuil farm, Lindeques Drift, Vaal River.Specialist flies will be on sale as well as extra tippet, indicators and euro/Czech nymphing leaders, basic wading sticks.


    There is a cost of R 800.00 per person for the event, this includes lunch, soft drinks, goodie bag and fishing at the venue for the day.


    Directions to Eendekuil will be emailed on payment and posted on
    The venue is +- I hour 15 minutes’ drive from Johannesburg.


    Booking and pre -payment is essential.

    Ian Couryer
    R.E.F.F.I.S Theta Accredited Fly Fishing Guide
    Owner Fish Whisperer Enterprises
    Owner ICFF Enterprises
    +27 (0) 82-306-5929
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    Count me in for this one. Will book my place as soon as I can.

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    I attended this clinic, and would like to provide some feed-back here as to how I experienced it.

    One thing Ian does well, is to establish early on the experience levels of the participants, and what knowledge would aid them best. In my case, it was controlling the depth of my flies. This might sound comically simple for some of you, but for me, it has been a vexing problem. I never knew if my flies were being presented/drifting where they needed to be. It sounds like a simple problem when written here, but, for a novice like do we know if our flies are getting to where the fish are?

    Ian helped me gain a lot of clarity on this issue, and a few others. I have a LOT more confidence now, that at least some of the time, I will get my flies into the fish's feeding zone. It is one thing reading theory on the internet and watching videos, another thing entirely putting theory into practice. Ian's clinic bridges this gap very well indeed. I am very glad I did this.

    What this clinic does, is cut down a LOT on your learning time. For the money I would have spent on 2-3 outings, I gained knowledge it would have taken me many, many more outings to gain.

    I have written this little review on my own initiative, by the way. Ian did not ask me to, or even suggested of inferred in any way that I should. I wrote this simply because it might help some others who are considering attending one of these.

    Just do it.

    It is well worth it.


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