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Thread: Dacron for braided loops

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    Default Dacron for braided loops

    I have started making my own wind on leaders for surf fishing and it got me wondering why dacron is not used for braided loops. Dacron is R1,50 per metre and I am pretty sure its way stronger than whatever it is that is usually used. I have put one dacron loop onto one of my lines and it is easy enough. Anyone have any ideas why this is not the norm as dacron is the cheaper, stronger and more common material?

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    Yes you can use dacron to make loops.
    It's a bit more supple and slippery than braided mono (such as gudebrod) so I'd make the coaxial section a fair bit longer to ensure good chinese finger grip. And probably put a fresh one on after a few years (if the fly line lasts that long) because it is not unkown to have some "rotting" if regularly exposed to sunlight and/or left damp for long periods.
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