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Thread: Airflow - 40 Plus Fly line - 8W

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    I don't know much about the Airflo 40Plus, but it sounds like an integrated shooting head. I far prefer to make my own shooting heads as I can customise them to my rod. A group of us banded together and bought a spool of Rio T8 and T14. Just cut it to length to suit your rod (keep cutting until it casts right), add your choice of shooting line and you've got a fast sinking shooting head with the right weight for your rod. Still a challenge to cast correctly (as with any shooting head), but when you get it right it goes for miles, and at a fraction of the cost of the integrated heads.

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    Never could get on with the AirFlop 40+ - only Airflop lines I use are the depth finders.

    Rio make a much better line in this class, as do SA, Snow-bee and Jim Teenys lines.

    All the best
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