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    My dad and I spent boxing day morning at Banchory Lodge and had a superb time.

    We caught about 40 fish ranging from 1-7lb. Very nice for a mornings fishing. Fish were deep as expected for this time of year and we caught them on a range of flies but most successful were brown zonker dragons, hamills killers and olive fritzes.

    Apologies for pic of a pic. Forgot my camera in kzn so this is the only photo of the biggest fish for the morning:

    Anyone that is in the area (swartberg) and looking for a good days fishing could do a lot worse than visiting these guys especially with recorded catches over 10lb and plenty strong smaller fish to keep you busy.

    They also have a cottage right on the dam which you can book.
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    That's a pretty unique type of shot mate - very cool. (pic of a pic)
    Nice fish as well !


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