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Thread: knysna, anyone have a recent update?

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    Default knysna, anyone have a recent update?

    Hi all, been a while since I was on here, just wondering if anyone has a recent update on knysna estuary.
    Will be visiting my old man in belvedere for a few days next week 11/01 till the 16th.
    Any current or recent advice or updates will be appreciated.

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    Hi Cameron,

    This is not recent advice, but hope it helps. I lived in Knysna for two years during the 90's and fished the lagoon on average 2 times a week during the "better" parts of the year. With the Knysna heads (the mouth) being almost part of the sea, the dominant SE summer wind, has quite an effect on the lagoon in terms of water temp.'s With a two day strong SE wind the lagoon's temp. drops dramatically and will be in the region of 14 odd degrees and the lagoon will be very clear. Great for catching Blaasoppies

    However the SE wind means a higher barometer and if the wind's effect doesn't influence the lagoon too much you stand a great chance of good fishing. If the water is cold, it is better to fish higher up in the lagoon, or follow the warmer water. Also fishing on a receding tide as the warmer water on the banks/marshes drops back into the channel.

    I caught many Leeries at Belvedere point (number 2 on the map) on a pushing tide (2 hours before full up to full tide). The time around a spring is better, your tidal variance will also be quite a bit more during a SE/high pressure system.

    Then number 1 at Crabs Creek can also be good on a receding tide, especially if the main lagoon is cold and warmer water pass this area. Best is to have a boat and fish the main channel (number 7) off Belvedere on both push and receding (If I recall correctly, Buoys 5 and 6 area).

    Brenton on Lake (3) can be good if you wish to target Grunter and Striped Mullet on a pushing/full tide. I have caught plenty Striped Mullet here, even as the tide drops back, lots of little channels draining back.

    At number 4 can be good for Leeries and also the little island area off this point. At number 5 I have caught Leeries on a dropping tide, there is lots of little areas flooding on the high tide and this warmer water, with baitfish drains back into the channel. Off the boat at number 6 when the water temps are up, best on a pushing tide, just in case the motor boat's motor packs up, strong currents, you will end up on an island in Belize on a dropping tide

    Brian Sowden is also here on FT and lives in Knysna, just do a search under the Members List. Henkie Altena from should also be able to give more up to date info.

    Cheers and Enjoy.

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    Thanks so much for the very detailed response. I have fished knysna once before, roughly 2 years ago exactly, got a few small rats, but really felt like I was missing too much, and only got lucky. This should help me to make far more informed decisions while I'm there and hopefully I can get a decent pull... Appreciate the time you took.

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    Knysna have been very quiet. I've headed to Sedgies as the success rate was higher there. Small kob was caught by the conventional fisherman.
    Not a great season, last year was a lot better.
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