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    Default Sterkies Report Back

    Arrive at Sterkies on the 26th of Dec. Stormy weather. did not even launch the boat. Was battling a cold aswell.
    The 27th me and my wifi fished the quarry for a bit and got a few fish. Weather turned bad. Went back to chalet.
    the 28th was mush the same.
    The 29th the weather was gorgeous. But the boat in the water at 9h30 ( slept late, due to my cold) and headed of to the cliffs.
    Wind direction was perfect. For the next 6-7 hours we slayed the yellows on Beetle patterns. I stopped counting after 40 yellows. This was at 14h00. Got of the water at about 16h30. Sun beat the crap out of us.
    The 30th we managed another 25 yellow between the two of us.
    A lot of the fish we caught was females full of eggs like the one in the photo.
    I would say that this was one of the best trip to Sterkies I had for a few years. Maybe over a 100 yellows between 2 anglers.
    Left on the 31st to get back for New Year in Jozi.
    Going back in At the end of Feb for timeshare at Qwantani. Can't wait
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    Thank you for the report Pieter,

    Still one of the venues I need to fish, net bleddie ver vannie Kaap af.

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    What a great weekend at Sterkies,
    Arrived on Friday early
    Over 130 yellows caught by 5 anglers in 3 days, including a 12 lb Large Mouth
    Amazing new spots found, but beware, the fuel costs for 3 boats exploring Sterkies is high.

    No pics yet as they have to be edited, to take out any background.

    I have learned my lesson about posting venues, spots etc. on a public site. Just refer to the Vaal Update thread.
    It's not in the catching, it's in the learning something new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herman Jooste View Post
    I have learned my lesson about posting venues, spots etc. on a public site. Just refer to the Vaal Update thread.
    Where is this Vaal place you speak of??? Never heard of it!
    Mario Geldenhuys
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    What a disgrace to have to take out the background of a photo to prevent others recognizing a fishing spot!!!!!
    We don't like the sun to shine on each other in SA.


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