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Thread: Need help starting out

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    Very good advice. Too many people get a bad line, and think that the whole outfit is rubbish, when in fact, a half decent line would have solved all the problems. Get a cheapie reel as advised ( the reels is only a line holder anyway) a half decent rod...and most important, a good line.
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    Nope Carlos, don't buy the set! Get a cheap reel. Like Philip said a Explorer or Stealth. they even comes with extra spool.

    Get a entry level rod ie. Explorer Pro or Classic II or Stealth.

    And then the most important - Buy the best line you can afford.

    The lines in the combo are terrible, only one big frustration. Especially when you need to put in a good cast with the dry.
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    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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