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    Hi All,

    No, the title is not what you think. Its for Flyfishing New Guy - hahahah

    Not really new to fly fishing, just new to the forum. I have been fishing a while already but not as actively as I would like. Have done some brief fishing on the Vaal for Liquid Gold but mostly been trout and bass at the odd place here and there.

    Will be moving to the southern 'berg in the next short while and hence the renewed interest in the sport. Have made some enquieries at the Underberg Himeville TFC and will be sure to join once down there.

    For the time being, will be lurking around the pages of the forum with the odd question here and there.

    Take care and good fishing,


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    Hi jay
    Lucky man to move there, lots of great people and fly fishers in that area, with stunning fishing, enjoy,
    you might get more visitors, once you stay there.
    Korrie Broos

    Don't go knocking on Death's door, ring the bell and run like hell. He hates it. (anon)
    Nymphing, adds depth to your fly fishing.
    Nymphing, is fly fishing in another dimension


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