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    Evening Gents,

    Any Stealth Bluewater reel owners out there ? Mines been working well for the past 7 years that i have had it but tonight when i tried to relase the spool. Well nothing happened. It is not releasing. the rest of the reel is fine. I just cant the two pieced apart. I opened the cover where the release clip is and cleaned it. I cant figure out what is wrong with it. I need this reel for a breede trip the weekend. I guess the worst is that i just cant separate the two to service the reel. But can atleast fish with it. But it does need a tune up. Bearing needs some oil. Going after giants!

    Any advice ?

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    Pierre, this seems to be a common problem with this reel.
    Stealth say it is due to lack of maintenance, even on new reels.
    I think the o-ring that holds a pin in the shaft breaks or something then the pin moves and stops the spool coming off.
    Suggest you call them and ask how to get it off.


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