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Thread: Anyone fished Lotheni, Bushmans, Mooi, etc. lately?

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    As a member for the Durban Flytyers Club we fished the Bushman's last week (17 to 19th April). We stayed in Snow Flake Cottage and fished the water under Bushman's River Trout control up to the Hatchery. A rather mixed bag with some sessions not yielding much. But there again we did have a few busy sessions. Seems like they only come on the bite around 11am and despite their stomachs being crammed with green Caddis larva, they refused our green imitations but nailed the black and red versions, as well as hopper's and wolf spiders.!!. There were many rainbows (escaped from the Hatchery) and few Brown's; Tally came out at 32 Rainbows verse 8 Browns (generally bigger fish 12" to 17"). Need to try fish the Bushman's again in May to celebrate 125 year to the month that trout were introduced into the Bushman's.

    Road wise the Provincial Govt have fixed the very large potholes along the Kamberg stretch however there are still a few big potholes in the last 10kms of Giants Castle. Seems there is construction at Giant's Castle and a large amount of construction vehicles were using the road. Walking along the road the asphalt (only 20mm thick) is now breaking up from the excessive loading on what essentially is a domestic drive way designed road!!.

    Andrew Mather Pr Eng.

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    Hi Guys

    I would like to know if anyone has fished Lotheni recently?
    I know the river is running high at the moment but could anyone indicate what the quality of the fishing was lately? Has anyone maybe fished Vergelegen lately?

    What is happening on the Mooi? Is it worthwhile to fish Kamberg Reserve? My last visit here was not a memorable one though, but I have heard reports of good fishing after my visit in 2012.

    Whats the Bushmans like these days up at Giants? Haven't been there since 2013.
    Is that last stretch of road still tar or has the potholes turned it into a dirt road?

    Any recent news from Injusuthi? Or even some of the other Northern Berg streams?

    I would appreciate any info on this region. I am not asking where your favorite spot is or whats your favorite fly. I am just curious on what the fishing is like down there.

    I am looking forward to your replies and thanks in advance.

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    Just spent 4 days at Lotheni , the fishing was great & the river was perfect ( flowing strong= happy fish) , typical pocket water fishing , very technical , any drag and the flies were ignored , it was amazing to see the type of holding water the browns were found in (ankle depth some times ) I was also surprised at the size of the fish , nice chunky sized browns 250 g - 500g , largest caught was a pound , found the fishing best in the riffles, I think the fish see you easier in the pools ( the fish were very skittish) -if you are keen on going you can give me a bell on 083 4617622 for more info

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    @Andrew, I did not see your post as I was already in the Berg, but thanks for sharing. Saw a report on your trip via the Bobbin.

    @ Craig, thanks for your reply but I was at Lotheni from Monday until Friday morning last week, only saw your post over the weekend when I got back. Will keep it in mind when I need a fishing partner for a trip in the Berg.

    I will do a trip report later this week when I have a bit of time. I fished the Bushmans for a couple of hours and Lotheni for a few days, never got round to Injusuthi or Vergelegen as planned.

    Thanks for all the replies

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