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    Hi guys
    Just wanne say hi to you all , I've never touched a fly rod untill last saterday...
    A friend of mine took me to a farm dam to see if he could get me into this way of fishing, as he picked me up I asked him "where is all the fishing kit", ass I didn't see any big boxes or buckeds of smelly bait.
    He just laughed at me and told me not to worry.

    When we got to the dam I was handed a little tube, and he told me "here is your rod and kit!
    I couldnot believe how little was needed to fly fish!!

    Anyway, after a 10min casting lessen I was so exited because it was fun for me just to try and get the fly"with a broken off hook off course " out onto the water, I was getting it out there not far but far enough to make me feel like a pro... Hahaha maby 15m! I know it's not long but hey who cares? I had fun! As I was pulling the fly back to cast again I had my first bite!!!!!!!! But no hook.
    You can imagine the excitement and dissappointed I had at that point... Well long story short
    We loaded my line with a nice new fly with a hook in it and I was off to explore the dam...
    I caught 2 nice size bass, one was 650g and the other 970g and lost 2!!!! For me they were nice size anyway!! Lol

    I never thought I'd enjoy the wierd way of fishing, I was a normal "pap gooier"! How stupid and wrong was I?

    Needless to say, yesterday I went to a fishing shop, don't know if I'm allowed to say their name here? But they were gr8 help.
    I walked out with a stealth bomber 9ft 6weight rod,a stealth switch reel with flouting, sinking and intermediate line on 3spools!!! Bought a bag full of flies and some extras.
    Guess I'm hooked? Lol can't believe how I fell for this wierd and wonderful sport, hobby of fly fishing.
    I haven't read anything on your site yet, just happend to find It while googling fly fishing info. I know I wil learn a lot on your site!
    Well, that's me. Hallo to all

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    Welcome Junior,

    Guess we all started in the same way. Ask questions and use the search function on the site, close to 10 years of fly fishing discussions on Fly Talk.

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    Hi There Junior. All you need to do to enjoy Fly Fishing. Is To carry your enthusiasm and wit with you on your fishing trips and you will have Fun. Enjoy because you are well and truly HOOKED!!
    A man is only as big as the things that annoy him.

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    Went to have some fun for a cupple of minutes..

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    I am sure we all started somewhere.
    I did pap gooi for 18 years and got bored and took up flyfishing in 1990.
    Have not chuck a piece of bait since then. I only Fly Fish and fish for bass
    Fish For The Future
    Please Catch And Release


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