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Thread: What is the best retirement fishing place - Sedgefield, Knysna or Keurbooms River?

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    Hi guys of the garden route and sorry Niel for kidnapping your thread but i hope to get a little help from all you guys!

    My name is Denis and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I'll be living in Wilderness on the garden route june, july and august and since 2-3 years i'm in love with the awesome sport of fly fishing So far I have only been fishing for trouts, brown ones and seatrouts (all around 0-3 kg, well they dont grow that much bigger where I fish).

    Now I hope to get some information about salt water (even fresh water) fly fishing in the area. After reading through a couple of threads here I think I have understood that I almost can forget about decent salt water fly fishing during these winter months? Is it right that garricks, leeries etc need warmer water to enter the estuaries or what you call these "river" mouths? And bass fishing is very slow as well, right?

    Will anyone of you guys help a swede who only has fished on the other side of our globe?

    P.s. I'll be free all the entire three months so I'll be able to fish A LOT

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    Hi Densan,
    yes, and no. the fishing will slow down for garrick and large mouth bass, but will not stop altogether. I caught a small garrick in the Gouritz estuary and also one in the Keurbooms River a week ago. I have indeed caught some very large small-mouth bass (near Cape Town) right in the middle of winter. You have a great bass venue at Lake Pleasant / Groenvlei just 25 km from Wilderness. This is best fished from a boat, which you can hire at the caravan park. You will also find the odd tilapia here. Try for garrick near the bird sanctuary at Sedgiefield (just before Groenvlei) - see other posts. You can also try for garrick and spotted grunter at Goukamma estuary (35 km). Also try the Knysna estuary 35 km away. Also Keurbooms estuary at Plettenberg Bay (91 km). To the west you can try the Kleinbrak estuary (45 and Gouritz estuary (at the top where the bridge nearest the mouth is - 76 km. All distances as the crow flies. You can use a 7-9 wt rod with intermediate or floating line. Surface flies like flippers and poppers for garrick. You can also try the Touwriver at Wilderness - near Fesia Rocks, the rail bridge near the mouth and the rail bridge at the top - also at Fairy Knowe(?).

    Also bring a 5 wt for trout in the Western and Eastern Cape - there are a few trout near Plettenberg Bay (inland). You will also find at Cape Town - Google "CPS". If you go to the Orange River between South Africa and Namibia, then it is an excellent time for small mouth and largemouth yellowfish - this is much further away. If you come to Cape Town let me know - I might be able to take you to catch some mullet in the sea - anything from a #0 w to max #5 w. Details of all these areas and where to fish it - like a good map for Knysna - can be found on this website. Just search for "Knysna", "Sedgefield" etc. Have fun and let us know if you have any luck.
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