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Thread: fly reel drag materials and drag design

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    They feature a diecast construction that is impossible to CNC machine, offering unrivalled strength and durability as well as a large arbor design to speed retrieve times and reduce line memory.

    Huh? For years we have been told diecast is no good, and Cnc machine is the best, now reddington is trying to spin it backwards? Or am I reading it wrong?
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    Forged is denser than die cast period, hence more durable and less brittle.
    A big advantage is that it can be machined thinner and keep the same strength as die cast due to the incensed density.

    Found this simple explanation on the difference.

    Die Cast:
    light with low production cost (after tooling)
    Poor tension strength due to pockets, cracks and non aligned grain
    Does not tolerate bending (brittle)
    Cracks and voids allow entry points for corrosion to start.
    Very easy to machine, drill and tap
    Poor strength and high levels of impurities that add to the weakness.

    Dense and costly to machine
    high strength
    Work hardened and can be heat treated.

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