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Thread: Catching the spotted ghost

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    Default Catching the spotted ghost

    Last couple of day I have covered a lot of distance searching for Grunter in Knysna, even in pouring rain. I decided to make a trip through to Sedgefield.
    After I tried my favorite spot with no luck I decided to move on and saw a few fish tailing in the distance. I slowly waded toward the spot and cast a floating pink prawn imitation out to where a fish was tailing and on my third strip I was on.
    The next fish I stalked eventually came and took the fly 5 meters away from me and set of at a rate knots.

    Pa1st one sh.jpgMe n gruntsh.jpgtience paid off today and I will savor it for days like today is few and far between.
    " Not tonight baby! I gotta fly"

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    Well done! Winter grunter on fly not an everyday occurrence...

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    good work on the patience and persistance, congrats.
    i live inland and it took me many outtings to the coastline to catch my two grunter. one at richards bay behind the rail tracks and the other in durban bay in one of the ski clubs. it will remain engraved forever because it might take a long time to catch another good fighter


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