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Thread: Shad...shad...and more shad

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    Back in the UAE after a wonderful month's holiday in KZN. I finally broke my SA Shad duck on the fly, and as they say,when it rains it pours...

    Week 1: Spent 4 days down in San Lameer - beautiful place and beaches, and had one afternoon session off the rocks where the blue and white clouser fished on an intermediate 8wt line resulted in hook-ups on every cast for at least 1 hour. Small fish, the largest being 30 cm, but who really cares when it has been 4 months since I last caught a fish.

    Week 4: I, and a fellow fly-chucker (didn't catch his name unfortunately as we were both too busy hooking fish) literally out-fished 30 conventional fisherman on the main Vidal beach. Between us, we caught at least 10 fish within 45 minutes, and I got my PB, a 45 cm specimen which I thought was a rock for a while. Same setup, same fly.

    I reckon the reason for our success was that we were landing the fly right at the breakers, whereas the other guys were trying to cast to the whales behind the backline.

    What a cracking two days of fishing, in two cracking venues in a cracking province in a cracking country. I am currently sitting in 51 degree heat, and would jump on a plane tonight to move home to SA if I could find a decent job.

    Now my focus turns to landing that elusive permit I saw on the southern Oman beaches when doing a trip with Dogtooth...

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    Great to hear you getting into fish mate - NICE!

    Those permit still haunt me - man alive......

    I'll touch base with you via E-mail.

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    When the shad "run" it is an amazing experience.
    Glad you experienced it.
    Korrie Broos

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