There difinatly is a tip wobble in the Echo. Mark K and I did a side by side up in Rhodes. The ESN has a more compound taper, which gives the feeling of a slightly heavier swing weight, but its a great tip and mid section, with brilliant recovery. The Echo probably has a more progressive taper, which gives the feel of lightness in the swing, both are very nice rods to fish with, but both feel so completely different from each other, and will appeal to different people. The Echo does have a habit of breaking tips though. I just could not get used to the slight tip wobble compared to the ESN. Most people wont be bothered by it, and might not even detect it, but it irritated me when doing certain types of long leader casts. But for the most, its a great rod.
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I remember in I think it was April a rod builder was up in PTA and we compared the Echo Shadow PE 11ft to a, I think, an 11ft ESN if I remember correctly next to each other. There was a comment on the quick recovery of the Echo Vs the Sage. So I am not so sure of the " tip wobble" as I have not experienced it personally on my Echo as a previous poster has on his. Plus as said before, the warranty dealing directly with Tim in the US is outstanding. The warranty issue in SA is due to slapgat agents. I am by no means saying the Echo is a better rod as I have not had extended fishing experience with an ESN, but for a third of the price and with good technique a wobble is a non issue.

ps. If wobble and recovery is not related I apologize as I do not have time now to verify my reply on Google.