Ok, so we don't know what "Konnetic" technology is. The Sage website says it enables thinner and better tapers, that are lighter and stronger. Still doesn't tell us if its related to the manufacturing process or related to the raw material, or both. It's not casting related, that's for sure, because some of them cast differently and better than others. G5 means, "5th generation". I don't know what they means either. Supposedly better than 4th generation, but why and in what way? The Sage XP was supposed to be an awesome rod for many people. I wonder what , "G" it was, or what "technology" it was based on.
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The way you feel about the Konnetic is exactly the way I feel about the G5 rods I have owned i.e. z-axis zxl etc. I think its casting style related. I still have 2 sage ones but fish them rarely since I dont feel as comfortable with them.