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    Hello guys, I am a coastal light tackle lure CPR fisherman, who will relocating to GP West Rand next year. This will give me the opportunity to try my casting hand on fly fishing, which I have always been keenly interested in. Some excitement thus with the stress of relocating!

    Some advise needed please - what outfit would suit a beginner with no idea where he will be fishing in GP? Is there something like a setup which could be used for different applications such as fishing for say trout or some dam fish? No salt fishing for a while.

    Budget - I would rather spend more to get a decent setup, which could be used for more than 1 application. Or is it case that 1 would need more than 1 setup? Either way, what would your recommendations be for a decent start-up setup?
    Worth it to scan the used market, or rather buy new?

    My learning curve for fly fishing would be a steep one, but looking forward to it. Any FF clubs in the West Rand, which would be able to assist with getting to know the spots for FF?

    Thanks guys!

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    Hi LureFish,

    Welcome to the site and to fly fishing.

    For me the most versatile setup is a 9 foot 5 weight rod with a floating line. I have an explorer guide 2 and have used it for many fish species. I use it for trout, bass, carp, yellows in the vaal and yellows at sterkfontein.

    This setup is perfect for trout fishing. With trout I dont worry to much about an expensive reel. It is a lot better to invest in a decent rod and line combination. If you have the cash it is also smart to buy a intermediate line to use for both trout and bass.

    If you are going to do more bass fishing and would like to cast big flies I would recommend a heavier rod. Maybe a 6 or 7 weight.

    I got my 5 weight setup for under R2000.

    Hope this helps you a little.

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    This is good advice. Starting out, you not going to know the advantages that the more specialised rods, ie.10 foot rods and softer actions etc. will do for you, so buy and "all rounder" type rod for as little as possible, and a 9foot 5 or 6 wt will see you well through your first season or two. Buy a good line, because if you look after it, it should last you a lifetime. Reels are basically line holders, and regardless of what anyone says, they aren't going to serve much purpose other than a bit of bling that holds line. Your cheap startout rod, will always double up as a spare, once you graduate to a more specialised outfit. So go cheap, and spend the money of flytying equipment rather.
    Good luck and enjoy.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    I would go with Echo 9ft 5#, great all rounder and always at a good price..
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    Thank you Guys, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Some shops you would recommend, or will I be putting you on the spot in the public arena?
    No reply, also ok...will then use the google arena!

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    I'd go for at least a 9'6" rod preferaby a 10' 5# or 6# weight. There are a few choices amongst which is the Stealth Infinity and the Explorer Guide (there is one wich is 9' with an extra segment you can add to make it a 10').
    Reel, get one with a decent drag system with a large arbour. Here you might look at one with interchangeable spools so you can extend your line collection over time.
    Start with a floating line, you'll use that the most I suspect since you can use oit on still water and for nymphing on the vaal.

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    A 10ft 5 weight Infinity from Ganis in Widbank is what I'd go for. Think I got mine for just over R2k. If your in joburg I suspect you'll want to fish the vaal, as one needs to travel further for decent trout fishing (Dullstroom).

    I agree with mario, get a nice decent large arbor reel that balances the rod (I over balance to the back because I use it for nymphing mostly), I now stealth have a nice cassette system as well as Greys

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    Thank you again to all who are assisting with advice!!
    As always, a few choices to be made with fishing tackle...but that is part of the excitement for the real fly fishing next year!
    Looking forward to my first fly fishing trip...Now I need to get the missus all settled down with the nervous for the relocation. Maybe spoil her with a weekend at Dullstroom ��


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