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Thread: Broken Rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunF View Post
    Guys most rod manufacturers specifically advise against using candle wax on the ferrules, firstly because its thick, and secondly because it goes hard when its cold. As a result, it can stretch the ferrule, or result in a break when trying to twist the sections apart.

    You don't want anything sticky on the ferrule, what you want is a vacuum to form - this is what keeps the sections together.

    Loon's make a special ferrule wax which is impregnated with graphite which lubricates the ferrules, preventing them from sticking. The wax also seals the ferrule joint, so it creates a vaccum when you try to pull the sections apart.

    Since using this stuff, my ferrules never come loose during the day, and separating the sections at the end of the day is easy too.

    Also, always remember to twist the sections together and not to shove them straight together, and then twist apart when you need to separate them in the opposite direction.

    Good to know, thanks Shaun. I have been told candle wax by a number of people including the shop where I bought my rod

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    Looks like a nice product.

    The CW might be too thick if you apply it too thick, which a lot of guys tend to do. Personally I find applying a coat of less than 1mm so that the CW is barely visible is more than sufficient, but then iu also make a point to wipe off the excess after use and clean out the female side of the ferrule regularly.

    I do this in two ways:

    1) Cotton Earbud to get out the big bits
    2) Light heat from hair dryer to drip out the rest.

    So far since I started using CW about 4yrs ago I havn't had a cracked or worn ferrule and the rods stick well, especially if you twist them in.

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