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Thread: New Years Resolutions

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    Default New Years Resolutions

    Hi All

    My two (alternative) New Year's resolutions:
    1. See more sunrises with the long rod / magic wand in hand.
    2. Stop lurking (i.e reading, absorbing...learning) on the forums and actually sharing in the conversation and making some kind of meaningful contribution.

    So far I'm doing pretty well with #1. This is a step in the right direction with #2 - stoked to be here!

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    Nice re Both! Looking forward to the pics from #1 and the read from #2
    "So hereís my point. Donít go and get your ego all out of proportion because you can tie a fly and catch a fish thatís dumb enough to eat a car key.." - Louis Cahill - Gink and Gasoline

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    To be a blessing to anyone that comes across my patch be it at fishing or whatever!
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    Learn a few new things.
    So starting with a clinic with Jiri Pejchar soon, a day with Gerrit for Largie and a day with Rohan for Smallies.
    Then still need to do proper guided Carp and Barbel outings.
    So that's on the cards as well.

    Then I think tying a bit more. Need to just make the time and also have a lesson or two as I have no idea what I'm doing but it's relaxing and interesting non the less.

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    for me its getting my fly tying more consistent as well as faster. I also really need to start working out the EC estuaries on fly seeing as I have now lived 45 minutes away from the Kariega, Bushmans and Kowie for a year and I still haven't managed anything on fly, mostly due to extreme lack of effort. Maybe I can also add to the list that I need to work out the Fish River yellows.
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