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Thread: Hello everybody!

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    Default Hello everybody!

    Hi everyone!
    Name's Alec. I Love hunting, fishing, and 4x4ing!

    I got my first fly rod about 10years ago when I was 15. I went out to the waters and caught left forearm with a miss simpson and after that I caught my right ear. I decided that it is not for me... Well after a bit of a chat with a guy on another forum(my hunting forum) about 2 monthes ago, I decided to pick up the rod again. First trip out (after about 10h of full time youtube flyfish studies) I caught the first fish on a fly, a bluegill on a black whoolybugger with red tail. Not long agter that I caught the smallest bass on my first home made fly(a hook with a dropshot worm connected to it) it was no longer than 45mm!

    Now my setup was basic! 5/6WT marado Radian II that my dad bought for me, It was the rod, reel, backing, flyline, and some flies for R399.99
    I still have that 3 piece but also got me a saltwater setup.

    Stealth Rise 9' 9WT with stealth bluewater 9/10WT reel. have not caught anything in the see with it yet! I have broken the tip on the 5th bass trip on a +-500g bass (that I caught with my very first own tied whooly bugger). The tip was replaced with very little fuss.

    Now that is my flyfishing career to this point I hope to learn allot here! As I have started to tie my own flies aswell!

    Tight lines!

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    welcome AlecJ, nice to meet you.
    the best, quickest way to get you onto track is to use the services of some pros here. i say this because i took the long way to become a ok caster, lost countless hours hooking everything including air than doing it right from the start. also the sooner you learn the sooner youll enjoy those solo outtings or take your Dad out and show off what you've learnt (i can only imagine the ten year smile he will have after knowing you enjoy the present he got for you)

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    Welcome Alec!! Looking forward to hearing more of your trips and stuff!
    "So hereís my point. Donít go and get your ego all out of proportion because you can tie a fly and catch a fish thatís dumb enough to eat a car key.." - Louis Cahill - Gink and Gasoline

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