Guys guys not sure if this has been covered but wondering if i can get some feedback. I would like to upgrade my 3 old Xplorer Launch 2/3 reels.

I fish a few 5 weight rods and would like to just shed a bit of weight(reels not stomach) and compliment the rods a bit.

My questions are as follows:

Is the Guide 3 really worth lets say 500 to 1000rand over the XPLA more in these fantastic economic times?

Will say 20 to 30 grams extra weight really matter?

What size should i go? 4/5 or 5/7 ?????(big question) as the 4/5 is prob about the same size as the Launch 2/3

What other reels are out there at these prices and weight?

Some constructive feed back will be appreciated.